Lionel Messi net worth 2023

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Name Lionel Messi
ProfessionFootball player
Net worth$650 million
Salary$75 million
Last updated2023

Lionel Messi net worth

Lionel Messi is known as one of the best football players ever. People love him not just for his amazing skills but also because he’s earned a lot of money in his awesome career. In this article, we’ll explore the interesting tale of Lionel Messi’s net worth.

Lionel messi net worth
Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi net worth, biography and career


Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. This amazing football legend started his journey in this cool place, making it his home. Messi’s story began on this special date, and since then, he’s become one of the greatest players in the world.

From a young age, Messi showed a love for football that was truly special. Growing up in Rosario, he played in the streets, dreaming big. His talent caught the eye of FC Barcelona, and at just 13, he left Argentina to join their youth academy. This move marked the start of an extraordinary journey that would see him become a football icon.

Name Lionel Messi
ProfessionFootball player
Date of birthJune 24, 1987.
Birth placeRosario, Argentina.
Age36 Years
Instagram accountInstagram
SpouseAntonela Roccuzzo.
ChildrenThiago, Mateo, and Ciro.
Net worth$650 million
Last updated2023
Lionel messi net worth
Messi and his family


Messi’s love for football started in the streets of Rosario, Argentina. Even though he came from a simple background, his amazing talent got noticed by the FC Barcelona scouts. When he was just a kid, he joined their youth academy, and that’s where his big football adventure began.

Imagine, a little guy from the streets making it to the big leagues! Barcelona saw something special in him, and that changed everything for Messi.

Rise to fame

At first, Messi was just a young kid with a dream in the streets of Rosario. But FC Barcelona, a big football team, noticed how incredible he was at playing. They saw his talent and decided to give him a chance.

Messi joined their youth academy, and from there, he worked really hard. Soon, he became famous because he was doing things on the football field that no one else could. People all over the world started talking about this amazing player from Argentina, and that’s how he rose to fame.

Brand endorsements

Lionel Messi has been associated with several major brands, which are following:


Messi has a long-standing partnership with Adidas, and he even has his own line of football boots.


The football legend has been a face for Pepsi, featuring in commercials and promotional campaigns for the beverage giant.


Messi has also collaborated with Gatorade, a popular sports drink brand, contributing to their marketing efforts.


The tech giant Huawei has partnered with Messi, leveraging his popularity to enhance their brand image.


Messi isn’t just a football star; he’s also smart with his money. He invests in different things to make even more. Imagine, he puts his money in businesses and projects! We’re talking about hotels, real estate, and even his own clothing line.

It’s like he’s playing the money game off the field too. These investments help him grow his wealth and become not just a football legend but a successful businessman too.


European Golden Shoe2018, 2017, 2013
The Best FIFA Men’s Player2023, 2019
La Liga Award for Best Player2015, 2013, 2012
World Soccer Player of the Year2012, 2011, 2009
UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award2015, 2011
Pichichi Trophy2021, 2020, 2019
FIFA World Player of the Year2009
Ballon d’Or2021, 2019, 2016
FIFA Ballon d’Or2016, 2013, 2012
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball2016


In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s life is a fascinating story of a boy from the streets who became a global sensation. From kicking a ball in the alleys of Rosario to gracing the biggest football stages, Messi’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His rise to fame, marked by dedication and unmatched skill, transformed him into not just a football legend but a symbol of inspiration worldwide.

Beyond the game, Messi’s strategic brand endorsements and savvy investments have solidified his status as a business icon. His story teaches us that dreams, no matter how humble the beginnings, can lead to greatness. Lionel Messi isn’t just a name on a football jersey; he’s a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and smart choices.

Now, as we continue to witness Messi’s journey, both on and off the field, one thing is clear – his impact goes beyond goals and victories. It’s a legacy that inspires aspiring footballers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers around the globe.

Lionel Messi isn’t just a footballer; he’s a living testament to the incredible possibilities life offers when passion and talent meet determination and intelligence.

Messi with a Golden football


What is Lionel Messi’s current net worth?

  • Lionel Messi’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of [insert estimated value] as of [current year].

How much does Messi earn from brand endorsements?

  • Messi earns a substantial income from brand endorsements, with major brands contributing to his overall net worth.

What are Messi’s notable business ventures?

  • Messi has invested in [mention notable ventures], adding to his wealth outside the football field.

How has Messi’s net worth changed over the years?

  • Messi’s net worth has witnessed significant growth, fueled by his success in football, endorsements, and business ventures.

Is Messi involved in any philanthropic activities?

  • Yes, Messi is actively involved in philanthropy, contributing to various charitable causes.

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