Rowan Atkinson net worth 2023

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Name Rowan Atkinson
Known asMr Bean
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Screen Writer, Voice Actor
CountryUnited Kingdom
Net worth$170 million
Last updated2023

Rowan Atkinson net worth

Rowan Atkinson, the super funny guy who created Mr. Bean, not only made a big impact on making us laugh but also became super rich in his awesome career. Starting from when he first did comedy to what he’s doing now, Rowan Atkinson’s money shows how much people love him and how smart he is in business.

Rowan atkinson net worth
Rowan atkisnson as mr bean

Rowan Atkinson net worth, biography and career


Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955, in a place called Consett in England. When he was growing up, he really liked making people laugh. Later, he went to Newcastle University to learn more about comedy. He started performing in comedy clubs and became famous.

You know him as Mr. Bean, right? That funny character became super popular in the late ’80s and made him famous all over the world. But Rowan Atkinson didn’t stop there. He tried acting in many different kinds of movies and shows, showing everyone how good he is at making us laugh. Now, everyone loves him for being a funny and smart entertainer.

Name Rowan Atkinson.
Known asMr Bean.
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Screen Writer, Voice Actor.
CountryUnited Kingdom.
Date of birthJanuary 6, 1955.
Birth placeConsett, England.
SpouseSunetra Sastri.
ChildrenBen, Lily
Instagram accountInstagram
Girl FriendLouise Ford
Net worth$170 million
LAst updated2023
Rowan atkinson net worth
Rowan atkinson and his wife


Rowan Atkinson was born in Consett, County Durham, England, in 1955. When he was young, he really liked performing and being on stage. First, he went to a place called Newcastle University to study electrical engineering.

That’s like learning about how electricity works. Surprisingly, this background in electrical stuff actually helped him be even funnier in some of the funny roles he later played in movies and shows.

Rise to fame

Then came Mr. Bean, a character we all love. Mr. Bean wasn’t just funny; he became a worldwide sensation. This goofy character skyrocketed Atkinson’s fame and brought him loads of money.

Brand endorsements

Rowan Atkinson, the funny guy we all love, not only makes us laugh but also does something cool with brands. Even though we mostly know him as Mr. Bean, he also works with different companies to talk about their stuff.

You might see him on TV ads or in pictures talking about things you can buy. He uses his special kind of humor to tell people about these things. People really like him, so companies ask him a lot to help them tell others about their products.

So, besides making us laugh, Rowan Atkinson also helps tell people about cool things from different brands. It’s like he’s doing two awesome things at the same time.


Rowan Atkinson, the funny and talented comedian, not only knows how to make people laugh but also understands a thing or two about smart investments. Beyond his well-known character, Mr. Bean, Atkinson has made some wise choices when it comes to investing his money.

Investing means using money to make more money. Atkinson didn’t just stop at being a great comedian; he made his money work for him. He put it into different things that have a good chance of growing and making even more money over time.


British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance1990, 1981
Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy Performance1981
British Comedy Award for Best Entertainment Performer1990


In conclusion, Rowan Atkinson is not just a funny guy; he’s also really clever with his money. Besides making us laugh as Mr. Bean and in other roles, he’s done something called “investing.” This means he’s used his money in smart ways to make even more money.

By making these wise choices, he’s not only secured his own future but has also shown us that being smart with money is pretty important. It’s like he’s telling us that being funny is awesome, but being smart about money is also a cool thing to do.

So, next time you see Mr. Bean making you laugh, remember that behind that laughter is a guy who’s not just good at comedy but also knows how to make his money work for him. Rowan Atkinson is truly a comedic genius in more ways than one.

Mr bean net worth
Mr Bean


What is Rowan Atkinson’s most iconic role?

  • Rowan Atkinson’s most iconic role is undoubtedly Mr. Bean, a character that has become synonymous with his name.

How has Atkinson diversified his career beyond acting?

  • Atkinson has ventured into comedic writing, business investments, and has explored roles across various genres, showcasing his versatility.

What challenges has Rowan Atkinson faced in his career?

  • Atkinson has faced challenges such as typecasting and creative hurdles, which have contributed to the evolution of his career.

Does Rowan Atkinson actively engage with fans on social media?

  • Yes, Atkinson maintains a social media presence, providing fans with insights into his work and occasionally engaging with his audience.

What philanthropic efforts is Rowan Atkinson involved in?

  • While private about his personal life, Atkinson has been associated with various charitable causes, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact

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